Offer loyalty program
to your customers
— hassle free.

Andter helps you understand your customers better and offer cool rewards to your kipas-susah-mati (fans).

Popular local brands use
Andter to reward their loyal customers.

Get on board and get discovered! Stand next to the big ones. No business is too small or too big. You will gain hell lotsa new customers when they discover your store in the app. You can thank us later :)

​Run your business beautifully.

Please be super cool, will you? Your cashier counter will never be boring with the free Scanner iPad App.

Scan passes & awe your customers.

A few taps and customer's pass is ready for scanning. Impress your customer with the beautiful interface and fluid animations. Say this line for when they scanned their pass — "Excuse me, I think you dropped something... Your jaw!"


Feel free to customize the cover image to match your business identity.

Secure setup and remote deactivation.

Setup the iPad at all your branches without giving out your password. Every branch will have their own security key and you can remotely deactivate any iPad anytime.


​Learn more about your customers.

Marketing experts around the world agreed that marketing without targeted data is like blind people walking. You need the data before starting any campaign. Andter will provide you customers' data with their permission and you can save time guessing who's gonna see your ads.

Get personal. Be relevant.

Make your marketing campaigns more impactful by personalizing the experience based on gender, age, and even city. It could be nice to send a newsletter in Bahasa Kelate to Kelantanese.

Your customers yours.

Customers data are not shared between businesses. Customers must collect points before their profile included in your database.

Automated syncing.

Instantly sync your database automatically to MailChimp, AWeber, and ConstantContact.


Don't waste money giving away physical cards just to get customers data — which some of them rarely used because they don't have enough space for your thick, sharp card.

Get customer data seamlessly

With a single scan, yes, single scan. No more printing forms & ask your customers to fill it up. You might annoy your customers after one of your staff misspelled her name on her card.

Works anywhere anytime

With an iPad as a scanner, you can scan Andter Pass in-store, during events, at home, and even in a toilet. Whenever there are no customers drop by at your stores, you can continue monitoring your clans in CoC :)


Everything is securely stored in the cloud. We use SSL for all connections and encrypt the database. Free automated backup is done nightly so you can relax and do what you do best.

Beautiful intuitive dashboard

You do not need special skill sets to use Andter. It's not rocket science even for non-techi guys. It's super easy to use. The web dashboard lets you see the analytics, show database, & sync.

Made for everyone

Whether you are running a boutique, coffee shop, food stall, or anything, you can start engaging your customers immediately. Andter works with any kind of business.